Nemidon Gel: Ultra Hydration Gel


Nemidon Gel: Ultra Hydration Gel

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Product Description
A neutral gel with no smell for all over use. Cool soothing and pleasant to use on skin

When skin integrity is of good moisture balance application is only required once every alternate day

Can be used all over the body
Quickly absorbed
Moisture regulator
Skin can breathe normally sweat can pass through
Long lasting
Works even though you cannot see or feel Ultra Hydration Gel
Leaves skin clean (no residue) after application
No smell
Approved as safe to use with meat and milk products
Ideal to use under disposable gloves as no residue
Easy compliance.
Application  is easy 4 -5 times per day until skin hydrates.  Reduce until only required once every alternate day
Clothing can be applied immediately after application
When skin integrity is improved you can then only need to apply once every alternate day to maintain moisture balance

For Diabetics

CAN USE BETWEEN TOES as leaves no residue, sweat can pass through
No need to shower prior to use
Not a traditional barrier moisturisers
Apply anytime
Moisture regulator so long lasting – see final use
For additional information see use with Diabetes

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