Nemidon Gel: All Black N Blue

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Nemidon Gel: All Black N Blue

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Product Description

FDA Approved
Black ‘n Blue is TGA approved to provide temporary relief from muscular inflammation aches and pains. The natural plant extracts penetrate deeply to provide a cool and soothing sensation and may assist in the management of soft tissue trauma, management of sprains and temporary relief of the pain of arthritis.

Used and endorsed by many leading sportspeople


–          Immediately on acute injuries, especiallyfollowingimpacts,

–          Temporary relief of arthritic pain

–          Ideal to use after strenuous exercise

  • Fast working
  • Compatiblewith RICEtreatment
  • Leaves a clean skin after application
  • Can adhesive strap after application

Additional points for Professional use

Allows adhesive strapping after application

  • – (including Kensio tape)
  • Compatible with RICE treatment
  • Cools an area if not massaged
  • Compatible with Ultra Sound
  • Ideal to use for frictional massage as allows enough slip to massage area.  Once gel is absorbed it leaves a clean surface for frictional work.  Following application All Black ‘n Blue will cool the affected area and assist to reduce inflammation.
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